Log Event

When a message is logged, it generates a Log event that is then passed to each of the appenders, usually on a separate thread so as not to impact processing.

These log events are passed to custom filters, formatters and log appenders.

The Log event object consists of the following attributes:

Attribute Type Description
backtrace Array<String> The thread backtrace if backtraces are enabled.
context Hash Named contexts that were captured in-line at the point where the log event was created.
dimensions Hash Dimensions supplied during the log call.
duration Float The time taken in milli-seconds to complete a measure call.
exception Exception Ruby Exception object to log.
level Symbol Log level of the supplied log call: :trace, :debug, :info, :warn, :error, :fatal
level_index Integer Integer version of level: :trace=>0, :debug=>1, :info=>2, :warn=>3, :error=>4, :fatal=>5
message String Text message to be logged.
metric String Metric name to log.
metric_amount Float Metric amount supplied on the log call, if any. Used for numeric or counter metrics.
name String Class name supplied to the logging instance.
named_tags Hash<String, Object> Any named tags active on the thread when the log call was made.
payload Hash Optional Hash object to be logged.
tags Array<String> Any tags active on the thread when the log call was made.
thread_name String Name or id of the thread in which the logging call was called.
time Time The time at which the log entry was created.

Other helper methods on the log event object:

Method Type Description
backtrace_to_s String The exception backtrace as a string, including the entire chain of exceptions.
cleansed_message String Strip the standard Rails colorizing from the logged message.
duration_human String The duration in human readable form.
duration_to_s String The duration as a string in milli-seconds.
each_exception Enumerator Iterate over the chain of exception objects.
file_name_and_line(backtrace) [String,String] The file name and line number from the supplied backtrace.
level_to_s String Single character upper case log level.
metric_only? true or false A metric only event has a metric, but no message or exception. For example human readable text logs do not log metric only events, whereas JSON (machine readable) appenders generally would.
payload_to_s String or nil The payload in text form, or nil if no payload present.
payload? true or false Whether this log event has a payload.

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